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Zalora, Baby!

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Doing a Zalora product review overall! Please forgive me for this shall be my first time reviewing :)

Got that header from an email they sent me informing me about my recent order of yesterday hahaha. Heck yesterday was my first time purchasing perfumes and a pair of shoe (the shoe was on behalf of my colleague haha.), usually I only purchase accessories. Now I am starting to become a regular buyer lol.

Trying to spend less but the items on Zalora are always so tempting! Hahaha.

Some of the items and brands you can find there. 

My first test item purchased from Zalora was a snake earcuff. Yeah, test item. I was skeptical at first to buy things from there since I've heard a few reviews claiming Zalora is a cheat :P I also had my own experience of almost getting "burned", literally speaking, by them after my 3rd purchase but then I ended up clearing the bad vibe where I actually did not get cheated on because I have read the FAQ.

Why am I posting about this particular FAQ? Like I've mentioned above, almost got burned. Because during my first and second purchase I was not charged with postage because they mentioned free shipping since the items I purchased were on clearance and was promised free shipping, my bad :P I admit it was my mistake for not remembering things. Lulz.

Saved Zalora's reputation from being tarnished hahaha.

Anyways, back to the main story. I'm just gonna cut this short because I am lost for words :) Zalora has given much satisfaction for me up to date! So I am adding on the positive review! Not only on the variety of items, the prices and postal ETA are also reasonable. Hehehe.

Go see for yourself! Just in case your lazy to scroll up, here's the link.

Happy shopping! :)

P/S: Moral of the story, read closely before you bash. Hahaha.

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  1. haha...i have nothing but good things to say bout zalora! they're awesome! although my sister bought the wrong shoesize which is her own fault.

    1. Yeap! My colleague got lucky it fits perfectly on her :P

      As for me, I am still skeptical because my shoe size varies hahahaha.


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