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Nahh. What I'm gonna blog about today has nothing much to do with the title anyways. Hihi.

Not sure why lately, but ever since I've started to become a Cupcake Wars junkie, I have been so very interested to bake some! Even so I have no prior experiences in baking cupcake. Although I did some traditional Malay cakes for special occasions like Hari Raya and such, for example a modified Kek Lapis Tun Razak haha. Why modified? 
See for yourself. 

Yeah. Usually a conventional KLTR is yellow in colour, and less chocolatey :P Baked this out for my liking and still tastes good! Hahahaha. After that made a few cakes along with my niece, just for fun. Heh. They still don't turn out pretty, plus usually I get so freakin lazy to do so and no time to do one as well. Wakaka. 

Anyways, recently tried to make a quick Cheese Cake. Saltcheese Cracker CC to be exact. Just wanna know how exactly to handle these kinds of cake. And the result:

Sorry if it looks messy hahaha. This is already cut down to bite sizes. I can't keep it outside on room temperature for too long thou, tends to melt. Mum said I put too much cream cheese in it. Hehe. I'm still a rookie in this! No pressure :B Need no oven for this, and I finished up in like, 1 hour maybe? Because this is only for results, I did not modify anything. Wakaka.

Planning to do a red velvet cupcake with cream cheese toppings. Or chocolate ganache? Hahaha. It will be my first time doing all those stuffs. Need to find the recipes first thou, there's just too much of it on the internet to the point where I can't choose. Hahaha. Might do it during Gawai holidays soon :) I have a feeling my cupcake will be dry, hopefully not!

Maybe if I am more enthusiastic, I might be able to do more than just these. Problem is, I lack of time Q__Q furthermore, with coming assignments I now have to face there will be less me time. Lol. 

Oh well, the things you do for your future.

Need to find ideas to clear up my room too. Right now it's way messy. Gosh. Inhabitable really! Because there's just too much stuff in such a small room OTL

Guess that's about it. Ekeke. Before I end my post this time, feast your eyes onto my not so attractive Mashed Potato. Mata ne! :D

P/S: Cheese sauce for topping ok!

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  1. Amazing post...I like your blog.^^
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    Lovely greets Nessa

    1. why thanks nessa! :)
      yeap, followed you on bloglovin already.
      thanks so much~


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