Acne Scars, Yikes!

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Not everyone has them (lucky really!),
for those who does,
this is our foe for sure! 
Me included hahaha. 
I have been battling (wow :P) with acne when I was younger, and now what's left are the scars.
Quite unattractive for me, 
Something that lowers my self-esteem sometimes :) 
I used to not care about my skin when I was younger. 
I didn't even care about looking good at all. 
Was a tomboy back then man! 
I've only started to care more about my skin around this age haha -.-"
Thank goodness it never get so severe (yeah right)
I did have seriously bad breakouts but not too bad lol. 

 I have the classic combination of oily and dry skin :(

I'm aiming to get scar-free face so I don't need to spend a lot on makeup :P
Hey that should be economic lol~
Nowadays I'm taking vitamin supplements to help,
but sometimes I forgot to take them.
Other than that,
Currently using this to wash my face (well actually only started this morning haha)

Yeah, putting my bet on this.
Smells quite strong..
Hard to explain lol.
It could also be used for the body :3
Got this for RM 35, free postage <3
And yeah, Irich Natural Beauty is le supplier.

Before this I tried another Malaysian product:-

Green Syifa Collagen Soap.
By Miss Syifatul Husna, they are already out in the June issue of if I am not mistaken.
Smells nicer than the current one thou,
but it kind of made my skin dry~
Too dry. >.<
I have my moments where I don't put on things on my face after I wash haha~
so this dried my skin out.
This one costs about Rm29 free postage, way smaller than this new one. 

As for skin care, 
Still using Eskinol with anti-acne meds added in, 
For my toner I am currently using Skinfood Green Apple Pore Sparkling Toner and also Eucerin toner. 
Yeah, two kinds. 
Might not be a good idea lol. 
My current moisturiser is a Follow Me Mattifying Moisturiser. 
Planning to change. 
Tiring to follow these 3 steps lol. 
What if in the later days I have to add in serum?!


Oh, not to forget. 
My last step on current skin care:

 May I mention this is rather expensive?
Cost to treat my acne. 
It kind of works like a BB cream haha. 
Didn't apply on much make up ever since  I used this. 
Only eyeliner and lip tint. 
Check it out thou :) 
Product of Korea named Suiskin.

When I remember I also use these:
I am a junkie for Nature Republic masks
Reduces redness of my pimples. 

In need of incorporating these thou.

Don't use them often lol. 
Nose pore pack hehe.

What else....
Oh yea.
 "A pore-refining caleanser with egg white extract that penetrates deeply into pores to remove pore-clogging oil."

But damn this thing made my skin feel so dry while putting it on, maybe it sucks out the impurities? It's too strong for me thou lol.
 And recently purchased this hahahaha
Bedak Sejuk Tanaka 110g, I chose Tulip because the Lime was out of stock during that point of promotion time. Lol.
Not bad, thou I can't say much yet. Only tried once for now.
Different supplier, different prices. It is up to you people to look for them yourselves, sorrryyyyyyy :)

Also a sucker fot Detox Foot Patch haha.
Disgusted everytime I peeled off mine off my foots in the morning -_-"

I think this had gotten quite long. 
Overall I had become someone who is obsessed with eliminating acne at any costs!
Wakaka -.-"
I look forward to better results! 

Till next time :)

P/S: small update here. my acne actually shrunk! reduced in redness too ;D although not completely yet, kind of slow in healing progress because now what's left are my crazy hormones and other relevant reasons haha. 

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