De Venus Miracle & Beauty Soap + Shisheido Black/White Mask

1:20 PM

Shall be writing reviews on a few products :)
Ones I used of course! 
Mostly on unknown names because I am such a daredevil hahaha :D 
Nahhh. Just want to find things that are not tarnished with retail stuff taxes. Hihi.

Anyways, first up! 

1 ) De'Venus Beauty Soap & Miracle Soap

Currently I am using the Miracle Soap.
Yeah, my 3rd trial onto a soap. 
But this time, it actually works! 
For me. 
It depends on one's hormones really. 
And mine's just crazy lol. 
Back to the topic, Miracle Soap suits the ones with acne and whitehead problems. 
Beauty Soap suits for those without the latter problems.
May I say it smells so good! 

Directions as of MS, form foams from the soap and lather the foam onto your face. 
Then leave it on your face for 2-3 minutes.
You will definitely feel some tingling sensation on your face during that time, 
but it's normal :D 

My acne redness are now reduced and the sizes are also getting smaller, except when having periods that is when your hormones goes nuts so it can't be helped :)
I'd love to show you some testimonials but I forgot to take them hahahaha. 

2) Black/White Shisheido Mask

It works just like the Nose Pore Packs, just that this is applicable to your entire face!
- Wash face then pat dry
- Put on the black/white mask 
- Leave it to dry for 15-20 minutes
- Just peel off after! :)
- Remember, to tighten the pores just massage ice cubes onto your face :3 
Or! If you happen to have "Bedak Sejuk Tanaka" you just apply them after done with the Shisheido Mask. 

Simple as that! 

I am also selling the soap now! Other than being a user :) 
Find me on Facebook!
Not the mask thou, since there's a lot out there :D hehe. 

That's all for my product reviews!
And ohhhh. Do check out what else am I selling. 

Til next time <3

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