Less than a Month!

9:17 AM

Listening to: What About Love - Austin Mahone

Love photos with grunge type of feelings haha.
Yea it's less than a month now for Aidilfitri! :)
Might be different this year thou, since my brother won't be around for long. 
His finals are after Raya :l 
And I am also back to work lol. 
No point taking leave for me after that, just hoping that my leave before Raya gets approved -.-

And then, MY OWN FINALS. 
Haha. I better study well. 
Apparently my colleague's CGPA scared the hell out of me.
I am a slacker, but I hope I don't slack too much! T_T

Other than that, ARTeliers is confirmed on our presence at Comic Fiesta 2013!
Shall be held at KLCC on the 21st & 22nd December.
Not sure if I am going thou :3
Too many people going so might save the hassle from the hustle and bustle ekekeke.
But, only my art may appear haha :D 

Now its finalised to come up with the drafts at least in September.
Yea, and my 2nd semester just commenced during that time

Oh well.

Time management.

That's it I guess.
Shall be coming up with product reviews sooooonnnn.

See ya next time~

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