Average Jane.

12:19 PM

Listening to: Wake Me Up - Avicii

There are days where you feel down and depressed about yourself. Today seems to be mine.

Feeling so..... average. Not that its wrong, Just that I haven't feel like I have accomplished anything.

Job? Not yet. 
Love? Not much. 
Social life? Nothing interesting
Part time business? Going zero
Life? Practically the same thing everyday.

Naww. Don't suggest me to go out and hang out doing stuffs with people. Even at this age my freedom is very much restricted. If I had more freedom... I might be happier. It's my life long dream to have freedom. Hahaha. 

Anyways, on another term..I wonder a lot on how do people get readers on their blog. Tried my very hardest to be myself while writing. Maybe I'm just too general O.O Writing isn't my forte. That said
I'm average in a lot of stuffs.
Doing business.
Life-related stuff.

Yeap. I'm average as hell. My looks, body, spiritual. All average. Call me Average Syaza if you must. Doubt I have any good qualities to stand out.


I hate this feeling. If there is one thing that could make me proud with what I have anytime soon I'd love one. But the world doesn't go the way we want. I've had problems with my self-esteem since I was very young. Although I am a bit bold these days, those insecurities still eats me up.

Felt like just going to sleep. And then called running away from problems.

Yea yea. I know those words. Face the problem rather than run away blablabla. Let me be just the selfish me today.
Meh. Can't really convey my feelings anyways. So blah. I am ending this post~ 

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