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Be Afraid of the Bag of Love! or Lice for Halloween :D

3:25 PM

Salam and hello!

First of all, I am grateful to be chosen one of the 25 bloggers to get this :D
It's actually my first time after getting back into blogging business, especially on beauty :)
Feeling very honoured!

Anyways, I was anticipating to come back to work because I've gotten an email mentioning that I have received my own Bag of Love Lice October edition :D via the Butterfly Project of course, and boy was I excited when I finally got my hands on them!


"Are you afraid of the dark? Then face your darkest fear in Bag of Lice! In this fearsome bag, you will find beauty products that will prep you up to be the scariest creature of the night this Halloween! Flawless, pale skin? Checked! Terrific hair? Checked! Wicked eyes?! Checked! An awesome silhoutte? Checked! And of course, don't forget to let your talons glow..."

The bag is just so cute! 
Ready to see what's inside? Here goes! :)

And may I say the products given to me here are almost spot on? I am actually planning to buy a few more brushes and trying out CC cream :DDD and coincidentally it was in this month's bag woo~ <3

First off, three very cute samples!

From left to right:
1) SP Repair Shampoo, 250 ml (sample size 30 ml), RM72
- Intensively repairs your damaged hair

2) SP Smoothen Mask, 200 ml (sample size 30 ml), RM109
- Beautifully controls your unruly hair; goodbye frizzy frizz! :)

3) Collistar Biorevitalising Anti-Cellulite Concentrate, 200 ml (sample size 30 ml), RM 185
- An absolutely avant-garde anticellulite treatment inspired by two of the most advanced techniques in cosmetic medicine: mesotheraphy and biorevitalization. A deep action in the areas affected by cellulite, to give also tone, vitality and compactness to the body.
- I smell possible review :p 

Next up! The full-sized items <3

Product : Nanowhite Infinity Colour Correction (CC) Cream SPF50/PA+++

Description : Keeping it short and simple. Full sized FTW! Review already up!
  • Evens out skin tone & conceals imperfection
  • Reduces fine lines & wrinkles
  • Moisturises & brightens
  • Minimises pores
  • Smoothens & softens skin
It's like "move over BB, CC is in town!" Hehe.

Direction : After daily skin care regime, apply a small amount of cream and dab on face and neck in a gentle patting motion.  

Size : 1 oz, 30 ml

Price : RM 49.90

Full-sized Definite Smudger Brush, RM69!! T___T
- Perfect for applying liner and shadow, smudging pencil liners, and also highlight the inner corner of eyes
- can imagine better looking smokey eyes *__*

And last but not least,

Splassh Mini Glow in the Dark Nail Polish, Full Sized 7.5 ml, RM3.90
- perfect for Halloween! I could wear them, but not for long~~

Ah! Not forgetting this baby :)

Jojoba Spa voucher for a Lovely Chocolate Spa Treatment! *drools*
I'm envious! This is only applicable for those in KL literally :( I wish this spa is in Miri. Hahaha T_T

Bag of Love is definitely full of surprises! :D Never expected to have few full-sized items for goodness sake! And it does live up to the statement it mentioned earlier on flawless skin etc :3

Interested to have your own? November edition is now available for subscription for only RM39.90! Just head on here :D
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And remember to hold on to your seats! Lol.

Special thanks to The Butterfly Project too for the opportunity of doing this review <3<3

Til then, blurbers! <3

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