10:43 AM

Took this out of Google somewhere x: 

In terms of blogging, I am more to a reader than of a writer. Why?

I rather read about other people's post because theirs are usually much more interesting than mine is. Hahaha. And no matter what I write, it doesn't come across anywhere :3 Getting readers are tough, so if you can't write anything good then might as well be the silent reader.

That explains the lack of updates here. *sigh*

Trying to find really interesting stuffs to blog about but I am holed up at home or work most of my youth time. I don't hang out with people. May call me unsociable outside even, and I am weird too. Teehee.

Maybe by next week I have something to write about, because I have a wedding to attend to. If I even remember to take photos. Whoops. Or at least give me time to settle my assignments, because I have a lot of reviews I am interested to write on >.<

Til then, blurbers <3

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