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I'm a Sucker for Beauty Stuffs :P

4:35 PM

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Yea, I am horrified on that fact as well as the cat is of the bear rug. Haha.

Recently stumbled across another new website, almost similar to those of Zalora and HiShop but it has its own specialty, which is the Beauty Box!

And now.... Introducing.....

You may click the link to check it out.! :D I got to know about this when I came across this blog post here.

So basically I went to check out and boy, what a catch!

3 types of subscription for the Mivva Beauty Box!

Heck, am I so tempted now lol. Imagine having all the cute samples *____* awesomeness~~

And stuffs there are also rather interesting. Like I said, I'm a sucker for beauty stuffs T^T sooner or later I will get my hands on the items there, like I recently did with HiShop haha :P Shall post a review of that soon! After I made use of it of course :3


This is absurd. T___T

Yeap, very short blog post this time lawlz.


P/S: When will I have time to re-vamp my blog design D: 
P/P/S: No I won't have time because finals is nearing! Gurrrhhhh.

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