Stage Keep It Clean Brush Cleaner Review

3:04 PM

Salam and hello.!

Yea I know it's kind of flowery in the post lol. Can't help it~ :3 

I mentioned in my recent post I was going to write a review up on an item~ well I recently bought this particular item from HiShop haha.


Stage Keep It Clean Brush Cleaner! 

As mentioned in the description:-

  • It's 200 ml (and here I was, fooled to think it was small. Haha. Silly me!)
  • "Over time brushes accumulate dirt, debris and facial oil which will encourage bacterial growth. Keep It Clean by Stage is formulated to cleanse, sanitise and deodorise natural and synthetic brushes while removing all traces of debris and oil. Special conditioners protect brushes so they stay soft, comfortable and last longer."
Why buy this?

Because of laziness. Haha. And I don't really have time to wash them fortnightly either, at least.


It's actually really simple! You just spray it onto the brush  and let your fingers work through the bristles so it could go in deeper to cleanse. Then after that you can just either wipe off the excess with tissue or wash off the residue with water then re-shape the brushes back in shape and ta-daah! Let them dry out on a towel and there you have it. Clean brush! Thou I still recommend deep cleansing them hehehe.

Here's the before and after macro close-up photo of my blusher brush: -

Before using Keep It Clean Brush Cleaner. 
If you can notice reddish colours on the bristles hehe.

After use. See the difference? 
And it looks quite soft here haha. 

Sorry on the photo quality, only used my phone and macro lens lol. Plus my hand was shaking + my cat kept rolling the brush. Hahahaha.And I did not take a photo of the tissue I used to wipe off the excess because it's too dirty. Used out every single inch of it :D

Also grabbed myself some free samples. Seriously these are the only two out of the bunch that I am interested in.

Eden's Rosa T Acne Serum and Natur E Scar Serum sample viles :) 

Keeping the orange one as a back-up, because it could be used on chicken pox scars, burnt too if not mistaken.

Used the Acne Serum, the smell is rather strong for my liking :o well it is somewhat medicated anyways hence the smell~

Ah, not to forget, also given to me were gift vouchers of Milk A Deal and White.my, very interesting indeed!

And that's about it! Spammed my blog for two days now, its irregular for me to do so these days. Haha.

Til next time! :)

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