"Fat for an Asian" - the typical stereotype

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Salam and hello,

We see all over the media these days, showing how perfect Asians look like. Stereotypically they look hot - slim and gorgeous, porcelain smooth skin. Perfect like a doll.

From top: Dara 2NE1 (Korean), Yuri Ebihara (Japanese), Fan Bing Bing (China), Lisa Surihani (Malaysia)

These images are ones that always portrayed.

Recently my online bestie posted this article here, and her response? Kind of heart wrenching for me, especially when I can't be around her a lot except on Whatsapp and Facebook :(

And here's what she said.



Despite not knowing her that long, I know she did try losing weight and it does shows, although not entirely. Yet people still bash her on that matter instead of encouraging her. Tried to help by giving encouraging words but they are just stuck in my throat >__>

Heck even I have my days. I myself is a non-conventional Asian with skinny Asian genetics :) My genetics? Big bone structures, so if I try to slim down I would still look big haha. There are days people (even my mum :P) commented I look big etc. And there are also days that I do care about how my body is, but most of the time I don't mind already.

Say what you want to say people. I'm too tired to listen to these stereotype junks.

I have a somewhat low metabolisme despite eating as recommended per day. I don't do exercise because I procrastinate too much :3 well I used to, but I like to have someone to accompany me -_- which I don't. So scratch that. Therefore I rather maintain myself like this, I kind of love the way I actually have curves rather than not 8D

And besides, I don't wear sexy clothes so I don't need to care much about those loose fats. Haha.

I am still considered lucky I am just this big and I am also trying hard to maintaining it, but for the ones that aren't? To the point of thinking about suicide :( This is one of the things I couldn't help especially because I don't know how to say things to people - its tough to convey words most of the time for me.

Have you ever felt this way?

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  1. While I am facing the opposite issue, being soooo skinny. I had tried several years to gain weight but failed. I felt so down and depressed for being that "stickman". huhuhu~ Being skinny is not easy...

    1. Haha. We can never please everyone -_-" being big is wrong, small is also wrong. never ending satisfaction :B


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