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Giveaway - BeauBox : Bare Beauty

1:30 PM

Salam and hello!

Just something short and quick to share :D
No, not exactly my own. Haha. Sharing about this giveaway from Cindy's Planet :)

Yet another Beauty Box found! Yes and it IS called Beauty Box, literally.

Currently you could only subscribe the newsletter for now, but it will be launching soon enough! Just keep checking in :D

I won't be explaining more on this thou, you need to check out the initial link of Cindy's I gave early because she's done the talking hehe.

But I will share this, the list of prizes you may get!

1pc x Complimentary Dresses Seqoci worth up to RM 120
1set x Etude House goodies worth RM 150

1box x VanityTrove customized trove worth RM 50

1bottle x L’Oreal Professional Original Mythic Oil worth RM 75

A complimentary dining experience at Big Chomp with Cindy & Sarah 3 x Consolation Prizes

Only if, you blog about this giveaway too and enter her contest :D
Sound awesome? Hurry enter then! Hope I could win something haha lol.

Til then, blurbers <3

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