No Purchases, Just DIY! - All About Spikes and Studs

9:30 AM

Improvise, improvise, improvise.

Lately, I have been seeing studded clothes, shoes and bags all over the internet. I am also a junkie on that kind of trend. But when looking it the price, it does get quite expensive. If you look closely, the materials are mostly on denim and leather.

That said, I decided to buy these babies.

Bought them from @wickedwardrobe and @pandoesdotcom on Instagram :3

Haha. I'm still trying to find out where to put most of them thou. Can't put them on my shoes, the style won't work on most of them. So I ended up doing my first studs DIY project on a denim jacket of mine! I had it when I was 11. And it still fits. Hahaha. Because I am not pint-size at that age, I have a big bone structure so I was in a bigger shape during that point. Explains why I could still fit :p

All I chose to put on the denim jacket were these, I don't want to go overboard. Simplicity is key hoho. And also this:

To clip the teeth in the fabric. Or you can just stick it on there and remove whenever you like. Works either way :)


Just like that. I don't put elsewhere other than the pocket because I am wearing hijab, so there is no point for me to put it on the collar~

Can't really see since it's covered :x Typical toilet shot LOL.

That's about it. Maybe one day I plan to purchase some flats to embelish them with the other kinds of studs I have in store. Haha.

Til then, blurbers <3

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  1. wow, nice tips on the D-I-Y

    do feel free joining my dress giveaway

    1. why thank you! :)
      sure, will be checking it out <3


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