November Favourites

11:30 AM

Salam and hello!

November is going away soon, so why not post up my November favourites?

I don't have a lot of choices other than the general ones yet thou, because I'm the kind who sticks to a brand for quite a long time. So this may bore you readers (if I actually have some) :)

1. In 2 It BB Cream in 01 Ivory
I have this because I was trying to replace my Maybelline Mineral BB Cream (because it made my face oily not long after application :l) and boy, it sure did! The only downside is it doesn't stay long on my face without primer and make up setting spray. *sigh* Other than that it blends into my skin well :) and not to mention it doesn't make my skin ending up oily!

2. In 2 It Moisture Intense Lipstick in MI 04 Peachy
Another In 2 It brand! It's actually adding up into my collection :) Bought this lipstick because I am in love with the boldness of its colour! Even my mum has one, further more she chose the boldest pink of all :o It doesn't dry up your lips, kind of moisturises, hence the name. Sad thing is it doesn't dry fast, so you potentially could get some smeared in the first 2-3 hours if you don't use primer of course.

3. Elianto's Fionatto Blush in 04 Hot Pink
Got this during sale when I was in Sibu Airport back in June I think, as the shop is no longer available in Miri :( I'm a fan of this brand but I suppose the rest of the Mirians don't think the same. Oh well. I don't recommend putting a lot of this colour on your cheek because the pink is quite... bright. Just dab the blusher brush onto it 2-3 times and apply onto your cheeks so it gives you a natural finish.

4. Elianto's Pretty Doll Mascara
Same story as the blusher :) Love this mascara because it gives you dolly lashes effect - soft doe eyes kind of thing. Haha. And you don't really have to wear falsies too with these!

5. Maybelline Volum' Express Magnum Mascara in Brown
I'm a sucker for this mascara ever since it was launched! (imagine how long was that :D) I neglected it at first thou since it's in brown (I usually buy black) but only recently I've gotten fond of it because it gave me a natural looking voluptuous long lashes :P

And that wraps my faves for November :) Can't post everything I favour now would I? More mysteries! :D

Til then blurbers <3

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