REVIEW: Devil's Eye Fish Eye Lens

1:00 PM

Salam and hello!

First off, do you own a DSLR? To take photos. Not the kinds of style that are of professional level I mean. Just casual and fun kinds of photos - with families, friends, events etc :)

Kinda bulky to carry around eh? Haha. I know that feeling. It's somewhat annoying.

What about smartphones? Why don't you use it? Limited in style of photography?

Now let's cut to the chase, Freakazoids had recently (well not too recent) added in a new item up for sale, the Devil's Eye Fish Eye Lens!


What does it do actually?
  • It's a 2 in 1 lens - wide angle and fish eye effect!
  • Compatible for most smartphones, tablets and laptops, not forgetting portable too :)
  • Easily detached - well it is a clip on anyways!
  • High clarity glass, top grade ultra light aluminium and optical glass lenses
  • How to use it? Just clip it on and open the Camera app. Easy as pie!
 I've tested the lens to see how the photo looked like :)

See the difference in the photo? :)
Sorry bout the background BTW lol

Interested? Drop by here then! Currently the lens is open for pre-orders of Batch 2 until this end of month :D


Til then blurbers <3

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