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REVIEW: Nano Infinity CC Cream

2:51 PM

Salam and hello!

I've always been a user of BB cream when they started to get launched into the market a few years back. It is like a life saver for me, because it's an all in one foundation, moisturiser, concealer etc; mostly to cover my acne scars :) but one thing I kind of loathed is that I have to build up the BB on my face just to cover them up perfectly, and I had to use on my entire face so the colour matches haha so my face felt thick despite the minimal effort not to put too much -_-

Recently, CC Creams are now available in the market. And as anyone else, I got confused. CC stands for Colour Corrector, but at that point I wasn't really sure whether it could be used on my type of skin (yea I don't do much research on makeups lol) :P So I never actually planned to try it out until my skin actually got better. Lmao.

But, thanks to the Bag of Love (read about it here) I've gotten myself a Nano Infinity CC Cream to feed my curiousity all these while :o BTW I got mine in Natural Beige >.<

Finally did a test on the product!

First off, you don't need to apply a lot. Just apply only a small amount of it to the face (neck for me excluded because I don't show them :) ) in a gentle patting motion.

 Like this hahaha. This is enough for me already. Then you pat them thoroughly :)

Done! Covers the acne scars way better than BB, and I don't really need apply too much@as thick as the BB cream on the whole face because it blended naturally with my skin tone :) (this is not edited at all! Used the normal camera. And I dislike showing my bare face Q.Q)

And then continue on with full on makeup~ this is the look I wore for my cousin's reception yesterday, as light as possible. Thank goodness for the SPF 50 of this CC Cream because it was soooo hot yesterday ^.^

  • Better coverage than BB cream
  • Blends in with natural skin tone easily
  • Economic! Don't need to use a lot of it to cover up your entire face :D
  • No need for additional built-up on the face as the BB requires - as I mention on top earlier :)
  • My face got oily after a few hours; maybe it's not the CC Cream because I used a base under it hahaha -_-" 
  • Other than that its fine :D

Fancy one of your own?

I bet it's available in most of the drugstores in Malaysia such as Watson and Guardian. Not sure about it in Miri here, will keep you posted on that lol. (I don't really look for new items to tryout honestly, I tend to stick to one or two for quite a long time haha)

Til then blurbers :)

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