Santa Hermo. Grant My Wish this Kurisumasu (Christmas)!

11:21 AM

Salam and hello!

Ah, December! It felt like yesterday was just the beginning of the year 2013, and we are now fast forward to the end of 2013! That said, Christmas is drawing near too :)

If only someone could grant my wishlist for this year it would be awesome :o
Because I am wishing for this baby!

Beauty Maker's Aqua Light Creamy Foundation! Wanting to try something a tad different from the usual foundations out there :)

Click here to see more info :D

I almost forgot to mention something thou :o

Butterfly Project Malaysia is currently collaborating with Hermo Malaysia to grant lucky bloggers' wishes to become true this year!

How to join? Easy peasy! :)

  1. Visit and start browsing away to make your own wish list up to RM80! You either combine some products to make it up to that amount or just one item as long as it amounts to RM 80 :D 
  2. Bombs away! Start blogging about your version of Hermo's Christmas Wish List!
  3. If you're interested of being a Santa yourself, there is also a special Christmas sale happening too! 

Come on! Jump onto the bandwagon! Who know's you might be lucky this time :)

Don't forget to like both pages first before you proceed!

Til then blurbers <3

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