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Tony Moly haul!

8:30 AM

Salam and hello!

I have been holding back my temptation for a major haul of anything this year. But because I am in the midst of swapping items internationally, so why not? :) 


What brand did I have my hands on this time? 

Tony Moly! 

Well we don't have those fancy Korean brands such as Etude House and all here in Miri (if I were to list down and recall the ones we have here are The Face Shop, Tony Moly, Nature Republic, Skin Food?). But this brand is not so bad either. And actually this is my first time diving in for this brand :) Yes first time. I love to try new stuffs, I'm too curious sometimes especially with make up :D

Some of the items I've gotten for myself were... 

Tony Moly's Expert Triple BB Cream (RM79.90) and Luminous Goddess Aura Water Beam (RM69.90); after discount RM119.84 (package price)

Perfect timing to try out a new BB Cream since I'm running out of my current one soon :p haha. I hope to write a review of it soon, together with the one next to it *cross fingers*

Next is;

Maxi Volume Force Mascara (RM20-30++)

This is more of a volumising effect for your eyelashes. I tested it out at the store first thou (never will I try at stores again X.x), love the feel it gave me of having full volume lashes but I have yet to see it under full application. Soon, soon.

Fan Brush (RM19.90, after discount RM13.90), package of gel liner + brush (RM20++)

Finally, a fan brush which I have been wanting for so long (they wrote pen brush at the store ahaha -.-" ), a liner brush and gel liner :D I don't know yet how black is this black gel liner is but I am stoked to try!

Natural Pulp Essence Sheet Mask - Tea Tree (Buy 1 free 1, RM5.90)

I just love tea tree mask, especially because of the fact its more suitable for skin types such as mine :) my skin is rather sensitive of some products they tend to breakout, I hope this one won't be in the list!

Last but not least, because I hauled quite an amount. I was given freebies ❤️ 

Mineral Skin-Fit Makeup Fixer and two eyeshadows (Glittery Green and Peach)

Sorry I can't read Korean either haha. But as the shop assistant mentioned, it could be used as makeup setting spray despite the fixer name :) smells good and it does hold my makeup compared to when I did not use any setting sprays before this .

And also I tried swatching the eyeshadows but apparently its too light to be seen O.O 

Those are what I have hauled for myself ;D

If you realised in my first photo I have a few items which I did not mention. Let's just keep it a secret shall we? ;) hihi. This is just the beginning, I have more to come for the swap >.<

They are currently having Christmas sales here in Bintang Megamall, Miri. You might wanna check them out in your local shopping malls too. Who knows you might get a good bargain as I did ;) 

Til then blurbers ❤️

P/S: Sorry about the lack of price :( I did not have a resit from this purchase because their system broke down. Very sorry for those who asked for the price >.<

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