2013 Re-cap

3:31 PM

Salam and hello!

Wow, how time flies. It's already half of the day on the last day of 2013 :) How are you going to spend New Year's Eve tonight? I hope nothing too silly thou, keep safe! I might just be at home with my family~

2013. A lot had happened :D I've had my own fair share of good and bad this year :)

1. Hijab

Yes, I actually just started to wear hijab this year. I am still slowly accepting my transition - sorting back my clothes and everything. This was actually one of my resolution this year!

2. New online communities

I think I owe this to Fynna Erfinna :) If it weren't for her, I won't be discovering these communities <3

If you're interested to be one of the ambassadors you need to register via website first ;)

Likewise as above :) 

So many lovely girls who share the same passion as I do. Blessed to have found this group, because I don't socialise a lot haha :)

3) Continuing my studies 

Officially an undergraduate of May 2013 semester :D I have been trying to continue my studies ever since I was 21 and now I finally could ;)

4) My first international Secret Santa!

I sent one, and received one in return. Will blog about it soon :)

And many more.

Truly, despite all the hardships I went through, Alhamdulilah for the opportunity I am given :D

Next years resolution for my blog?
  • 100 followers - I don't ask much, I'm still rather new in this blogging world :) 
  • To have more things to blog about - now if only we have grand events here in Miri (in English, many of it are in Mandarin :x)
Well I will think of the rest soon enough. :)


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