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Auspicious 11.12.2013 : Beau-Boxing Bares!

10:00 AM

Salam and hello!

The date of 11.12.2013 is an auspicious date for most of us this year. Wedding bells, child birth, anniversaries and many more. I too had my own fair share of the date, not as big as them anniversaries and such, just a normal outing with friends that I have not met for months :)

But the reason why I am writing about this post isn't about my outing my friends (I wanted to but I lack of photos, therefore its not necessary to tell lol. Just let it flow by haha :P), it's really about....

Yeah, winner for Cindy's Planet giveaway of Beau Box Bare Beauty Debut Box which I previously mentioned here was found and turned out that winner was me! I got this email while I was on my way back home from meeting with my friends - driving, literally speaking. Haha.

And so, after submitting all details I finally got my box as of yesterday!

Can't contain my child-like happiness and opened them up in the office hahah -_-"

Perfectly wrapped to protect the box :)

Hello there <3 Lol. I'll let you see what's inside ;)

Next up, a lil bit of walk-through on the items I've gotten :D

It's called the "Sexy Blender" Haha. A rendition of the real Beauty Blender but at a cheaper option definitely. I am thankful I've gotten this as a replacement of my previous blender because my cat mistook it as a ball. Bahaha. And I didn't even get a chance to use it once at all that day >.>"

Two options were available based on the pamphlet included - it's either Rays of Light or Rain Maker Serum. I think I might be suitable more on Rain Maker serum haha :o

Will be doing a review of it!

Product : Rays of Light - Supreme Radiance Serum

Description : This magical elixir delivers phyto skin brighteners to your skin, reversing and repairing UV damaged and counter over-melanin production. This high performance delivery method ensures that the ingredients travel to the deeper layers of the skin. Watch your skin unveil in full radiance.

Size : 1.0 fl oz, 30 ml

Price : GBP 40 / MYR229

Beau.Box Intuitive Mineral Powder Foundation in Nearly Nude

As for this bad boy, I think it's best to apply into my weekend routine :3 Usually routine only involves CC Cream because I want to make my face as natural as possible. Not so much on having heavy makeup :)

Beau.Box The Stare Palette - Eye Contouring Kit Ltd Edition

Ah, finally something that is of natural colours! I don't own a lot of eyeshadows because I still lack of skills to create looks. Err.. Yea. One of my current weakness teehee. I mostly go for eyeliners rather than eyeshadows :p

Lookie lookie!

(under lamp light) 

(Under fluorescent light) 

Sorry I can't take under natural lights lol. My room does not have a window >.<
Hopefully this could be a good exercise for me, this palette :)

And for the final product,

This was what I got enthusiastic on! I had always eyed a product of Jelly Pong Pong and there it is!

I know it looks red, but fear not! Once you wear it on your lips, it's almost like you have Snow White's cherry red lips :)And also! It could be used as a cheek blush :D Travel friendly if you want to minimise the amount of products you bring out. Teehee.

That's a wrap for my Beau-Boxing Bares :D

<3 <3

And also not forgetting, I've also gotten myself a calendar of next year and highlights of upcoming events and also the next Beau Box peek-a-boo ;)

To subscribe one of your own Beau Box, check out these links!

Til then blurbers <3

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