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Liebster Blog Award (Part 2)

12:30 PM

Salam and Hello!

Yet again, I am nominated for the second time on the Liebster Blog Award :D
Thanks both Iqa Yana from With Love Kisses and also Aecha from Aecha Charmy for the nominations <3 

If you want to know what is it, you can head on here as I have done it previously :)

Anyways, skip to the point! Here are the questions they gave me :)

From Iqa:
1) Three words describe you.
I did put them out on my blog front :p Random. Loud. Weird.
2) What is your favorite TV- Show/ Movie and why?
For the time being, my fav TV show is The Blacklist, because it's type of story is very different than the usual ones out there. Whereas my current favourite Movie is.... friggin Thor 2 :p Just because, Loki! Hahahaha.
3) What is your dream job?
I used to dream of being a comic artist/illustrator/anime artist. I guess I hit my head and checked in with reality somewhere, now I dream of being someone who can provide wealth to my family by having a decent job no matter what lol :)
4) Everyone somehow is a collector. What do you collect?
I collect makeup. Is that even collecting haha :B
5) Which do you prefer as your anniversary gift? A cake / a chocolate/ a flower or a teddy? 
Edible foods really. I have enough teddies and flowers will wilt after a certain of time.
6) Why do you love blogging?
Why? It's a platform to share your thoughts on anything :) I am not a born writer so by blogging it could help me in that particular matter.
7) What makes you start blogging?
Ah, my friends! Back when I was still pursuing Foundation in 2008 :)
8) How do you manage your time blogging?
Well, I don't exactly make time schedules to blog. Mostly on random times. Like I am, random :)
9) Do you think blogging is a way to make friends?
Definitely! I have yet to meet actual peoples behind the blogs thou, being here :p haha.
10) What is the most favorite thing you love to share about?
I speak a lot on makeup or beauty stuffs here I think. And a lil bit on personal.
11) When will you achieve all your dreams?
My dream job post, hopefully in 6 years wakaka. My lifelong dreams, I'm not sure :)

From Aecha:
1.What is your favourite product? 
Ooohhh. That's quite a big topic. Lol. I can't pinpoint which, but maybe BB cream? Teehee.

2. What inspired you to blog?
Inspire me huh? Daily life I guess.

3. What type of skin care routine that you always do and never forget?
Cleanse > Tone > Moisturise! I want to put in Serum soon haha :D 

4. The most craziest thing you have done.
Nothing is too crazy for me yet :)

5. What do you want for your blog? 
Hmmmmmmmmmmm. Guess what, I have no plans at all. Haha. Yikes.

6. What is your wishlist? 
Lol. Too many! One of it is to repair my dear car :) 

7. One word your friends and family would describe you. 
Moody. For sure! :P

8.  If you could only carry 3 beauty products in your bag, what are they? 
BB cream, eyeliner, lip tints 8D

9. What type of fashion that you mostly wear? 
Casual wear. Because I'm working most days of the week. Lol.

10.Your dream holiday destination.
Them bustling cities of Paris and US, those quiet natures of Europe. Umrah and hajj at Mekah :)

Note: Will not be tagging anyone else this time since I've done it first time. Lol :x 

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