Mak, ada kepala terbang!

9:23 AM

Salam and hello!

Naww. It's only a way to grab your attention :p

So have you watched a recent Malaysian horror movie called Penanggal?

If you haven't watch the trailer first then :D

"Set in the 1930s, Murni (Ummi Nazeera) unknowingly inherits ghostly powers from Mak Ajeng, which terrifies the village folk in Kampung Jawa, forcing her to flee. Abused by the villagers for her unwanted powers, Murni is saved by Syed Yusof (Azri Iskandar) while making her escape."

 Went to watch it straight after work last week with my family. And what I can say is.

The trailer is a lie beneath the movie itself.



Sorry to say, despite the awesome looking videography, these are the few points I wanted to share:
  • For those who want to know about how the Penanggal started as it is, there were no explanation regarding this matter. Yea, it was revealed that it was passed down to the main character by the guardian but how does the Penanggal became the Penanggal in the first place, via black magic or what or why she wanted to be a Penanggal. Geddit? 
  • Slowwwwwwww and almost no interesting points to tell in the story. Like I said, what saved it is the videography. I find the story flow is kind of boring, I yawned most of the time thou. 
  • There are some "ugh" moment too. Lol. It's rather uncomfortable watching the lady in the water going all sultry and sexy. Almost ecchi kind of thing. Lmao.

1/5 star

I wish it had more story telling in it. It's up to you all to watch it thou, this is just my personal opinion >.<

Til then blurbers <3

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