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Mini Luxola Haul~!

10:59 AM

Salam and hello!

Sorry for the lack of updates my fellow blurbers. Work got hectic and I am having my exams soon >.<

Anyways, if you guys noticed last week, Cyber Monday sale was launched in various websites worldwide. I have gotten myself a lot of emails mentioning about the particular sale lol. Long story short, I have always glued my attention on kabuki brushes, since my foundation brush from Nature's Republic is going to die anytime soon. Haha. Well I used it for more than a year. I think.

Coincidentally, I have been contemplating to get a new brush. There were multiple choices out there - locally and internationally; not forgetting the number of individual reviews each brushes get, tiresome!

Ok ok, back to the main topic, I finally decided to get one from Sigma.

And I wanted to get this:

Sigma Flat Kabuki F80; mainly for my BB cream and Foundation application~

The reason why I chose this initially was because the Black Friday sale - where it gave the option of free shipping worldwide! But my gut said no, and told me to wait instead for Cyber Monday. And was I lucky this time! Because the same time it launched on Sigma, it also launched on.. !!!!

They were having a 35% sale on their items on Cyber Monday :D

But instead of just one brush,


Yeah, as you can see the price stated there was RM121 but I only got it for RM 78.50 after discount + free shipping!!!

So I went through with my order and waited patiently. Took me some time for me to get my hands on it I suppose since I am in Miri lol

Finallyyyy. My first impression was thou, "The brushes are fat!" Erk :p but grip is gooodddd. So far I am loving how it is. 

Ah ❤️ can't wait to use it! :D hopefully it is as what it's always reviewed. Not to mention the bristles are soft but tight. 

So what did you get for Cyber Monday last week? Do share :) 

Til then blurbers :D

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