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Unboxing Mivva December Box

11:09 AM

Salam and hello!

Finally, my Mivva Box has arrived. After a month. Because I ordered it last month. Haha.
No worries :p

Anyways, back to the story.

As you can see here, it's a Special Edition Xmas Box version. It says every box has different mystery gifts, so I'd love to see other's boxes too haha.

Behold, the unboxing!

First time I opened it I was like, "Woah!" because something smelled gooooodddd in here :D Onto the items!

Secretleaf Men Original Face Wash (RM15.90 for 95 ml) 

This. Cleanser for men. Argh! I was contemplating to get a men cleanser then this came in the right moment! :p Can't do a review on this lol, but I will let you know when the person used it already :)

Shaire London Silk Classic Collection Hair Perfume Dry Shampoo (RM35.90 for 60ml) 

"Perfect for in-between hair washes as it reinvigorates dull and lifeless hair. It enriches and conditions hair with Vitamin B5, Malaysian Seaweed extract and minerals. It also strengthens and repairs hair roots, prevents split ends and entangled hair. " 

Another item that I've planned to buy. Lol. Coincidentally! Reason why I needed to buy this because there are days I am too lazy to wash my hair.... but if I don't my scalp tends to get oily fast, especially now since I am wearing hijab >.< Have yet to try it too, but it does smell good <3

Posh! Foot and Body Lotion (RM129 for 250ml) 

"A daily treat for your skin. It moisturises and refreshes, hydrates, helps to combat odour, leaving your skin soft and smooth." 

This is the item I mentioned earlier smelling good! It's a deluxe sample :D tried it already and the smell lingers for quite some time, I think I used it for 3 hours and it's still there. Maybe I should try it starting in the morning, to see how long it lasts :)

Uriage Gyn-Phy Feminine Wash (RM24.90 for 200ml) 

Deluxe Sample too. Also smells good. A good start for someone who rarely use these stuffs? //runs

Mia-care Acne Patch for Day

Gotten myself 3 patches of this one :) 

Neuzell Oxygen Bubble Facial Cleanser (RM89.90 for 100ml) 

Another highlight of the box for me is this!  Wanted to try for quite some time after I discovered about this and finally! Tried it for a few times already and boy, it really does remove my excess makeup and leaves my skin feeling fresh :) 

Redflo Hair Shampoo (RM 69.90 for 750ml) 

Got 2 cute samples of it. It is meant for restoration for brittle, dull or dry hair. 

Beautymate Cherry Blossom 2-in-1 Baby Skin Ultra Moisture Barrier Mask + Natural Care Moisturising Peeling Gel (RM9.90 for 1 Peeling Mask & 2ml Peeling Gel) 

Ah, one of Beautymate's mask. I see these at stores but usually had to ignore them because I can't read Japanese lol T.T helps in making skin moisturised and enhancement in skin elasticity. 

And a very cute pair of earrings, probably fron Miru Miru here, because this card was included in the box as well :) 

And that is a wrap on unboxing the Mivva box! Overall I love the items in this month's box :D 

Til then blurbers :) 

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