52 week money challenge

52 Week Money Challenge!

12:54 PM

Salam and hello!

Is saving up money hard for you? Are you planning to get something off your wishlist by the end of year? I know, I too have always had a hard time. And last year was my worst in terms of saving up. Lol.

So, this year, I am putting up a new goal! Saving up an amount of money for future use :D
And I also hope I won't end up doing it half-way again like I always do :( 

What am I talking about?

52 Week Money Challenge!

I've got to know about this challenge from a Facebook page - Health and Natural Living. A blogger from the UK has already attempted this challenge and managed to save up plus shop with the remaining balance at the end of the year! Check her out here :)

Image courtesy of Life As You Live It 

How does it work you may ask? There are 52 weeks in a year - every week you save up an amount of ringgits. It's simple really. It goes like this.

Week ONE, you put in RM 1
Week TWO, you put in RM 2
Week THREE, you put in RM 3

Every week you increase one ringgit so when it reaches week 52, you already have a big amount of cash by the end of the year! Isn't that good news!

But, if it's tough for you to save up one ringgit, there are options on saving 50 cents and 25 cents too respectively :D but with lesser amount of course :)

And more options other that the one I mentioned here.

I am choosing the bi-weekly option :) Suits me better perhaps. Cross fingers I will achieve it!
Have your pick too and start your finance adventure :D Keep me posted too!

Til then blurbers :)

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