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3:24 PM

Salam and hello!

I am getting writers' block lately hahaha

Ah, clutches. I don't know why lately I'm into clutches :3 Maybe because they're cute and convenient (and for me to minimise things I bring in my handbag!) For now I have like 3 clutches; one from my mum (it's from few years back so it's now falling apart >.<), one from my sister (she no longer uses it lol. So I picked it up. Yea I am like a hogger :P) and my recent purchase!

Transparent clutch - Medium size :D
Got it for RM 19.90 Promo price. Normal price is RM 29.90!
The floral pouch inside is free, for me :p

There are actually 3 sizes available - S, M, L size :)

S - size of coin purse; RM 19.90 (promo price RM 9.90)
M - as above; RM 29.90 (promo price RM 19.90)
L - A4 size; RM 39.90 (promo price RM29.90)

Promotion is until the end of year 2013! But I should tell you it's selling like hot cake!
As for postage, it's FREE for Mirians. Those outside Miri there will be charges :)
If interested, you can contact me via Facebook or email me as provided on my blog ;D I will let my friend know :)

Planning to buy more clutches! Currently eyeing these thou haha >.<

Melissa Diamante Clutch from Zalora - RM229
Will never get this lol T^T

Arjuna Clutch in Blue and Yellow - RM218
Another clutch that's just meant to be looked at lol. If there is one design of Pua Kumbu it'll be awesome thou. Sarawak woot!

And some other ones in Instagram and other websites. Haha. Cross fingers I will get one more soon :)

How about you? Are you a fan of clutches too? Or of a different type :D

Til then blurbers~

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