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[FIRST IMPRESSION] Etude House Precious Mineral BB Cream Cotton Fit

9:28 AM

Salam and hello!

Sorry for the lack of updates really :(

I have always been on the search to find a BB cream that suits my current needs - combating oiliness and covering my blemishes at the same time. To date I have tried 4 types hahaha. And none could hold up to more than 8 hours, other than end up making my face shineeeee with oiliness after 8 hours. I don't use primers for the sake of experimenting :)

Now, I can consider saying that the one I am reviewing about is the 5th type I have tried out. What am I talking about? Etude House's Precious Mineral BB Cream Cotton Fit!

Image courtesy of Mr Google.

As you can see based on the photo above, this line has only 3 shades available. So there will be a tendency for a few people to not get the right shades for their skin. Anyways I am using the No.2 shade, the lightest shade out of all (because I fall between Fair and Medium lol. But Medium ones always made my skin darker than it is haha >.<)

I've already tried it for work and it lasts longer than my Tony Moly BB Cream :D Although at the end of the day it showed my blemishes slightly, but not as bad as TM's. And, I should mention it might not work for those with dry, flaky skin because I have dry parts on my upper cheek near to the nose; despite not visible but if you look closely it looks flaked up >.<

For your information I only have samples of them from a recent Etude House haul of mine :) That is why I don't show the full-sized product~ So would I purchase a full-size? It's actually a 50/50 for me but probably more of a 80/20 to buy :P

That's all on my verdict :D I'd love to read up more suggestions on any other BB cream that might suit my current skin :)

Til then blurbers~

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