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Malaysia's Edition of Beauty Boxes! and Happy CNY!

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Do you know what a beauty box is?

Beauty Box is a subscription-based box, of a beauty sampling program that delivers a box filled with, for example, 5 cosmetic samples, to your door every month. It aims to introduce women to new cosmetic products and educating them on best practices.

If you Google beauty box, you would see this beauty box craze has been out for a few years already especially in the USA! For example Birch Box is one of the most popular beauty box available there :)

But fret not! Now the craze has begun taking its course in Malaysia for the past year so it means we could also get our own versions of them :D I will be listing them down here also as a reminder for myself to get what next :p

1) The Lilac Box

This is the most sought out beauty box currently because it claims to be "the only premium brand beauty box in Malaysia" as it offers high-end brands such as Burberry, Bobbi Brown, Crabtree and Evelyn, just to name a few :) As soon as it goes up for sale, within minutes it's already sold out! With a price of approximately RM50 but with namely brands as above, its no wonder it sold off like hot cakes! Even though you might not know what is in the box because they use the concept of "blind date" for the box, I assure you that you won't be disappointed :D Hey, even I myself have been eyeing this particular box for awhile. Hopefully next time when orders are open, I am able to get it (always so unlucky with this box haha)
**Update: Currently not available for East Malaysia. If you don't have a friend in the West then :( 

2) Mivva Box

Subscription price: RM38/month, RM114/3 months + 150 points, RM228/6 months + 400 points

MIVVA knows how you feel when you buy an expensive beauty product only to discover your stubborn skin rejects it, and then it all goes to waste. Each month, MIVVA will send you a beauty box filled with deluxe-sized miniatures personalised to suit your specific needs and wants, all dressed in a luxurious box right at your door step. Loving the black box they go with currently :p hehe.

3) Modbox

By far this is the most cheapest beauty box you could get which is RM9 (excluding postage) :D They offer awesome brands from globally such as Shaire London, Juice Beauty, Essence and Skin79. I might be purchasing another new one from here again soon. Haha.

4) Bag of Love

Subscription price: RM39.90/month, RM119.70/3 months, RM478.80/12 months

My first beauty box bag in the year 2013, started with a bang too :D It's difference with the other beauty boxes out there is not only it uses bags, the designs also varies such as clutches, makeup bag and more :) It's special because Mi Mi, the founder, puts a lot of her thoughts in for this~!

5) Vanity Trove

Subscription price: RM50

A subsidiary of VanityTrove Singapore, the VanityTrove Malaysia beauty box offers high-end beauty brands like BRTC, Violent Lips, OPI, Sally Hansen, Majolica Majorca, The Face Shop, Bourjois, Ujene, Sampar, Astalift, Origins, Clarins, Laneige, Lancome, Murad, La Mar and more. Apart from receiving numerous luxury beauty products at your doorstep, you can also receive updates on VanityTrove’s upcoming events, beauty news and more. You can actually choose what would you like to be in your box too so you don't end up getting something that might not suit you :)

6) Cosmo Box by Box Culture

Subscription price: RM33/month, RM99/3 months, RM188/6 months

I think this is probably one of the earliest beauty box around. Thou I don't see them updating again lately, what a waste >.< the box is gorgeous! Plus the brands included were Benefit, Revlon, Origins, Stage, Soap Artisan, Beautyfoot, Avene and Inglot etc. Rather high-end too :o

7) Wonderbox

Subscription Price: RM 45

You can expect a personally curated box of beauty merchandise with brands like Shu Uemura and Dior. Wonderbox is not only just a subscription but also a community, where you can discover new ways to enhance yourself with the products in the latest Wonderbox you receive. You can also upload videos or write a blog with your review of the box and then earn ‘Wonder points’ for your efforts. Hey, those wonder points got accumulated to a certain amount, you could exchange them to get a Wonderbox! :)

8) Beaubox Cosmetics

Subscription price: RM137/month, RM267/3 months, RM447/6 months

This particular beauty box was just launched in the late 2013! Generally beauty boxes/bags comes with maybe 4-8 products, and mostly are of sample/travel sized ones,  and probably just given one or two full sized ones. But BeauBox offers a minimum of four full-size products per subscription! Talk about money-worth! :D They create limited edition cosmetics, skincare, hair care and lifestyle related products, plus they have their guest brands that they feature from around the globe. Don't make sour faces looking at the prices thou, they will be launching Petite Box, a lower priced BeauBox so it fits those with a budget :) 

There! Done listing them out :) If I missed out a box do let me know so I could add them here :D And also, before I forget;


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Year of the Horse is the year we who were born in this year enjoy good fortune! Haha :p Well I did read somewhere it's a good year for the Horsies lol.

Til then, blurbers :D

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