Pixy Dust!

9:28 PM

Salam and hello!

Awhile back, I have read reviews on a product of Pixy, which are the Single Step Liquid Foam For Makeup and Gentle and Moist Cleansing Lotion so I have decided to try them out. I mean why not? Wanted to see it is what it's reviewed as.

Bought two small sized of them, for the sake of experimenting :)

Each costs me RM6.90 respectively for the small travel sizes. Got them from Watsons. 

My verdict? 
1) Single Step Liquid Foam - It dries up my skin after wash (I have oily-combination type of skin) despite the no-alcohol claim. I tried experimenting by not removing my makeup before hand and straight to washing my face, there are still traces of my BB cream on and it had a tough time removing my non-waterproof mascara (had to re-do twice or thrice on the eyes).

2) Gentle and Moist Cleansing Lotions - True to its name, it is definitely gentle and somewhat moist. It's much better than the latter in removing my makeup, except the mascara part yet again. Yeap, it too had a hard time removing mascara.  

Overall Star Rate: 
2.5 / 5 

It's a love-hate kind of relationship for me :) 

If you tried them out I would love to hear about them from you :D You can also check out these posts by a few beauty bloggers I've read from. 

Til then blurbers :) 

P/S: These products are fully bought by myself and not sponsored, and definitely a 100% honest opinion. 

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