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Grabble Style! Le Collection of Valentine Inspired Theme

10:12 AM

Salam and hello!
*warning: heavy post!* 

Do you have a wishlist of clothes you wanted to get but always ended up getting something else because you've forgotten you had your eyes on them? Tough time to keep track of the things you wanted? I know, I've been there in that situation.

But, I recently discovered one website that might help us track down our wishlist!

Introducing, Grabble!

Now what is Grabble?

To simplify it, by using Grabble you could keep track on items you want from any website! As you can see in the example here, these are products from ASOS :D They would also notify you if a sale is up! Call it convenient :) And not to mention able to share with your friends for opinions and what not~

How to use the feature then? Here are the steps :D

1. Click the "Sign Up" feature on the top right :) 

2. You will be asked to choose styles you identify yourself with most.

3. How to install and use the "Grab Button"

4. Create your profile. Upload your image and write in your display name :)

5. Select a brand you would like to have a voucher of~

6. Email will then be sent to you!

7. Finally wa-laa! It will show you the recommended items based on your earlier preferences :D

And that's it! Very simple signing up process :)

So, since it's nearing Valentine's Day in just a few days (tomorrow!), I have tried to come up with a Valentine-inspired fashion collection! I grabbed items that are available on to create this collection, I hope I did justice!

I am the traditional kind perhaps, as I lean more to pinks and reds, dresses and minimalist accessories with mostly rose gold hues. I want the person to looks simple and sweet yet could be stunning at the same time without trying too much. And not forgetting to try incorporating a lil bit of fun too!

It looks kinda unorganised thou in my grabs there. Hahaha. Mix and match ideas mostly :D Well it might be a boring collection for some, but I stand by my own views :)

That said, why not share it out to your Facebook and Twitter?

First you gotta go to the "My Grabs" tab on the top left:

Click on the collection you want to share, I will be sharing that Valentine Inspired collection ;) 

On the top right area, you will see options to share on Facebook, Twitter (that button is missing thou, I don't know why D: ), Pinterest and also Google + are included too!

Such a long post >.< But I hope these info will somewhat help you :D You can have fun with it, especially amongst your fashionista peers! Hoho. I know I will :)

Til then blurbers!

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