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I Have A Drinking Problem.

10:06 AM

Salam and hello!

Everyone has a drinking problem, including me. 

Wait, what?

You think I am talking about this now do you? 

Nope, I am talking about plain water.! 

Did I fool you? :p 

Ok so back to the story. We keep hearing that we should drink at least 8 glasses of water per day, which is really a struggle for me. Heck I can't even finish a small bottle of water a day! 

Simple reasons really, hate running to the toilet. Or forgetting to drink.  

But then I am always challenged by my mum haha. Because now she weigh less than I am lol. Thanks to always consuming water more than I do -_- she does it on purpose because she knows how much I wanted to lose weight 8D And not forgetting always wanted clearer skin. Gosh.

What's with the public stigma?! Perfect skin, perfect body D: It's tiring!

I'd rather be healthy and happy. Lol.

Then again, to be healthy, water is essential! That said, there are a lot of ways incorporating more frequent water drinking daily.

Here are a few steps I recommend (and to follow as well!):
  1. There is a phone application specifically for this! Haha. Most of them are free, because it is pointless to pay for this type of app (in my opinion). For example, Android users can download either Water Your Body or Drinking Water, whereas Apple users could download Daily Water Free or Waterlogged. Kind of fun :D 
  2. Put your water bottle right in front of you! That way you won't forget to drink haha :D 
  3. Spice up your taste buds! Drinking plain water don't have to be boring :) Flavour your water by clicking here!
That is all that I could think of for now :) If you have suggestions I could update this list :D Sharing is caring!

Til then blurbers <3

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