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Mesmerize Online Small Haul!

11:17 AM

Salam and hello!

So last month I decided to buy a gift for my mum discreetly, and I stumbled upon this website from a fellow blogger;

Behold, Mesmerize Online!

If you browse through the products here you will notice brands like MUA, NYX Cosmetics, E.L.F Cosmetics to name a few.

Eh wait, did you notice something? 

Yup, they sell ready stocks but also taking pre-orders for brands not in Malaysia! Or in NYX case, not in your city :D (ehem, Miri or even Kuching do not have this brand because we don't own a Sephora lol. You have to travel to KL to get those babies)

Now you see, I have plenty of experience in online shopping, but I am the type who still prefers good ol' e-commerce type of website, which coincidentally Mesmerize Online is!

Registering is easy, you can just click the "Register" option on the top right and it will pop up another page to this:

So after enough browsing and picking out which ones to buy, it is time to check out the items to the payment gateway! :D

Hit that checkout button!

As mentioned there, you will receive an email shortly with the bank details so payment can be made. Be reminded that they only give you 5 days or else your order will be cancelled! Be thoughtful to some other people will ya? :x Once payment is done, you can just email the screenshot of your proof of payment and then they will proceed with your order~~~

And so! My orders finally arrived after 2-3 weeks :D a few of my colleagues also jumped into the bandwagon and ordered together with me haha. So not all of these are mine :)

Pretty gorgeous colours eh~~ These are Wet n Wild lipsticks, MegaLast Lip Color and Silk Finish Lipstick types. Of good prices too! MegaLast ones are RM18 whereas Silk Finish is RM11! Even after including postage it is still rather cheaper than ones in the stores :D

The one on the right is the shade I got for my mom. It is the brightest pink out of all shades available there hahaha.

She's the type of person who loves bold daring pinks, unlike me Q.Q I am still very shy when it comes to seriously bold ones. Lol. Imagine her wearing bold fushcia whilst the boldest one I've used is the colour "Brick Red". Bahahaha. And I tend to wipe em off not long after applying :B

What about what I bought?

If you noticed the top item, it's the Jordana's Fabu Liner Bold Felt-Tip Liquid Eyeliner. 

It looks almost like a marker, but don't be fooled :D

It could also make a thin line! Lol excuse my cat interframing :p so far I have not tested it yet.

So that concludes le small haul! Before I forget, they also have a Facebook page. You can check them out here:

Did I forget to mention they are friendly? XD Haha.

Until next haul, blurbers!

P/S: This is not for advertising purpose, I am merely expressing and sharing my 100% honest opinion :) Besides, sharing is caring!

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