Psst.. Beauty Bloggers! Have a look :D

11:48 AM

Salam and hello!

Are you one of those who'd always blog about beauty stuffs especially from Korea? I know I am trying to :) they are wondrous! That said, I have something for you :D

Ibuyeauti is looking for 10 (yes only 10!) beauty bloggers to review products they have in their store :) Whomever got chosen you will be sponsored products you want to try and definitely write and honest review on it. So once you've reviewed your part they will post them up onto their upcoming blog, Beautifan!

Imagine getting something you don't usually get on other online shops. Wow.

How to apply? Simple! All you have to do is to email the following particulars to this email

Blog Address
Skin Type
Best Beauty Review Link 
Brief Self Introduction 

Application Period
Feb 3 - Feb 18

Announcement of Winners
Feb 20

Tried my luck already, you can too! For more info you can visit Marxie's blog :)

Good luck blurbers!

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