First Official International Swap - France [Part I]

10:23 AM

 Salam and hello!

So I have been in this particular group, Be A Beauty Correspondent on Facebook for awhile now. I had been participating with most of the events up to now but I have yet to have a first swap done formally and officially. I had set up one since last year with Lucie from France since last year but managed to only commence it last month. 

And finally! My first ever international swap ❤️
This is just part one ;) 


        I was definitely star-strucked. Brands I have heard of but not owned, and brands I do not know of I had discovered here. I squealed like a little girl getting her toy - this had brought joy to me; I got this during work hours. Imagine how excited and stress-relieved I was hehe :D my colleagues were too, excited to see. Lol. 

She included three cards - part I and II are the introductions of items she had prepared for me in this swap. Even on the card itself had made me feel guilty of my part lol. I don't need to share what's inside the card but I can tell you, Lucie is such a lovely girl to get to know :)!

I will start with the Snacks part first! Galette Bretonnes biscuits, Tisea Tea in Berries and Peach/Blackcurrant and also her favourite chocolate, Kinder Shokobons.! Loving the teas, and the snacks are already long gone by now~ yummeh XD

Now to Part I - Beauty Section! Seen here is the Le Petit Marseillais Shower Gel (smells like honey!), perfume samples (Dior, V&R, Givenchy) and a Vichy foundation sample she included to share her experience using it X) 

My first ever HEMA Nail Polish in "Chameleon Gold" and also first ever Sleek Eye Dust in "Hypnotic"! I will be swatch both of these in a separate post :) 

Sleek Blushes! "Rose Gold" is said to be the dupe for NARS "Orgasm", something I would also might not have my hands on >.< "Pomegranate" is a rather dark purplish pink kind of colour. Will also be swatching in a separate post :)

So I told Lucie I am searching for an eyeshadow palette with a pop of colour because I'm a fan of those kinds. And therefore she comes up with this - Sleek The Original 594 palette. Love love! Shimmy shimmy :D

Pupa Milano Princess Palette; first glance I took I thought it was almost like a Naked palette style :D and surprisingly the brush included with it is actually soft! I was fooled by the plastic looking brush :o and yes, I am also surprised with the fact she got me two eyeshadow palettes!!

As for the Kiko Full Coverage Concealer, I kind of addressed my concern of not being able to use nude colour eyeshadows because of my panda eyes and she got me this ❤️ Very creamy, will be trying out nearest possible day soon :D 

Kiko Ultra Glossy Style Limited Edition Lipstick Set; imagine having your colleagues swarming you, asking if I would mind selling these to them. The colours are crazily gorgeous I tell you! Hahaha. Separate swatch post!

Lastly, Sephora's Set of 5 Eyes Jumbo Liners! Yes I know it might be available in Malaysia too, but I am not from the West; I reside in Borneo :D so Sephora is not available around here. And I shall say, this bad boys' holding powers are insaneeeee! 

Definitely the products included here is worth a lot of review :))))

From the bottom of my heart, thank you my dear Lucie! Not only I have gained a lot of cool items, I too had also gained a new friend - we're practically chatting buddies hihi! I hope you do enjoy what I had given to you too ;) 

So, my dear blurbers, if you are interested to participate in this international swap group just head on to the link below! 

You must first message one of the admins the following details:
  • confirmation you are over 18 of age
  • full name
  • email address
  • mailing address
Don't worry, the admins always check even if your messages end up in their "Other" folder :)

Good luck! And I hope to see you there :D

P/S: My first giveaway is open until 30th April! Check it out HERE!

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