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[FOODIES] BBQ Chicken Premium Cafe

10:00 AM

Salam and hello.!

Weheww my first food review :)

I am the type who usually do not eat out a lot. Even if I do, most of which is on the weekends, I just ate very simple things. So last weekend, after completing the usual chores, me and mum decided to go have dinner at a rather new eatery at Permaisuri Imperial City Mall, Miri. 

If you already noticed the logo up there, the name of the place is:

BBQ Chicken Premium Cafe.! 

Its concept, for me, is a fusion of Italian and Korean foods. Although its more to Italian :) 

Then we continued on ordering our food and such. Drank plain water only because we dranked sweet bubble tea before that. Just in case to feed the curiousity: 

Mango Ice Blended with Ice Cream from Share Tea

Bad idea to get this before dinner. Lol. Wasn't planned.! Too sweettt. Should've gone for 0% sugar. Did not remember the price because they took my resit Q.Q

Anyways back to the story. Its nomming time.! 

Pane Cream Pasta, RM21.90 

Spaghetti Carbonara inside as the heart of the bun. The sauce is homemade, and I have the feeling the bun is also homemade. Haha. For me its rather worthy of the price because it's rather large. 

Scoop Up Pizza (Chicken), RM20++ 

It's sweet! Lol. And so fluffy as well~~ Me and mum were fooled by the photo thinking that it was a small sized portion - which ended up being a regular size pizza! Had to pack it and bring back home because I was too full from the pasta earlier :x and she does not eat alot ~_~

Crispy Olive Chicken, 5pcs for approximately RM13.90++

Wanted to get the signature Golden Olive Chicken for 2 pcs only, but mum thought we probably want to eat more than that (which I mentioned earlier she did not eat a lot D: ). I had to finish this like I'm gonna die because I was so stuffed LOL. Yeah, that's one of the reason why I don't lose weight bahaha -_-"

The total was RM100++ when we paid. The food is rather pricey, so one may probably think twice to eat there. But it's somewhat worth it :) So I will giving the rating of:-

4/5 stars

Just the price as the downside of it. Lol. Can't really complain anyways hahahaha. But I would definitely come back to try the other foods on the menu! Yumz :D

Until next time blurbers! :) 

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