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[GIVEAWAY] I Love Makeup

3:07 PM

Salam and hello!

A felllow blogger is currently doing a giveaway on her blog. You may check it out HERE for more information :)

Anyways, one of her requirements were to answer a question: Why do you love Makeup?

Hahaha. First of all, I used to despise makeup. My love for it did not develop until I have reached 19, during that time when I was still a full-time student I was working part-time in a retail shop so I must look presentable at all times XD Now back to the point of loving makeup, the fact that makeup could enhance the features you already have is a definite plus point for me. Adding to that, it also helps in boosting one's self-confidence to present themselves to people. Keeping your natural beauty is fine, but you wouldn't want to see people with pale face complexion now do you? So to summarise it, I love makeup as it helps enhance one's features while boosting their self-confidence altogether.

That said, good luck! :D

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