Havaianas - When Art Meets Practicality

11:48 AM

Salam, aloha oukou! :D

Suddenly I am speaking Hawaiian. Hehe. Hawaiian culture and the island itself is one of the culture which fascinates me when I was younger, especially ever since after I watched Lilo and Stitch back then :p 
Well the beach especially is not alien from me anyways as I live in a city with the beach being so near~ I might not look like a beach babe, but the beach has always been my go-to stress reliever :D

Now imagine the Hawaiian theme combined with beach practicality items, say, flip-flops and towels - these are usually the most essential items you would bring to the beach. This is where Havaianas steps in with it's limited edition Collectible Summer Kit! Most of the time we Malaysians are always in the summer season, so this kit would definitely be perfect ;)

But it's not just any kit.

Gil Elvgren, a world-renowned illustrator who was an American painter of pin-up girls, advertising and illustration during the twentieth century has his state-of-the-art work featured on the collections! 

Beautiful art by the beach, isn't it a lovely feeling? I can suddenly imagine Baywatch scene in my head :p Them lovely pin-up beach babes~~~

Imagine getting them in your hands! 
That said, The Butterfly Project has collaborated with Havaianas to kick off a Cinderella hunt to grab these vintage limited edition kit consisting of a pair of these sexy flip flops plus matching towel to go along with it! 

What is it that you exactly have to do to get them?
  1. Blog about the Havaianas Collectible Summer Kit
  2. Tell us in your blog why do you want it! 
  3. Mention your shoe size so we know if the shoe fits
And for your information too, the collectibles would not be for sale and there are only 20 pairs available in Malaysia~! As TBP claims, "Ferrari of flip flops" :D  

I wish I am able to win one of these, knowing that it will make my beach experience probably more exciting because peoples' head will turn around to see the towel especially :D I hope to see my name up and chosen with a size 8 into my grasp soon <3 

Wish me luck! Mahalo nui loa :)

The Butterfly Project 

Havaianas MY 

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