If My Blog Was An Outfit~

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Salam and hello!

So these days I have been hanging around Pinterest alot, checking out interesting stuffs there. Hahah. Then one fine day, a pinner I followed there kept pinning "If My Blog Was An Outfit" thing. So I check out the site and came to Hairsprays and High Heels, the original post I think, and thought it would be interesting to come up with outfits describing your blog (and yourself!), so here goes mine!

Outfit #1 - Conservative

This is my go-to look most of the time if possible, haha. I like to play pop of colours when my outfit is monochrome. And if you exchange the leather pants with an appropriate work pants then you could also wear this look to work! Simple, just like my blog~

Outfit #2 - Girly Girl

I like to mix match weirdly. I am aware the top part would not be seen because of the scarf, but I love dresses with designs at the bottom :) And the black shirt will be the inner wear :D You can see my blog background is also with designs haha.

Pink Love

How can I not include pink? Love the dresses although IRL I would not be able to wear them, but the shoes! Spikes and studs, loud prints, hot pink, yes please~

This is just a few sample ideas on how my fashion is like. But it's still rather hard to convey >.<

What If YOUR Blog Was An Outfit? 

Til then blurbers :)

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