International Swap - Austria [Part II]

11:46 AM

Salam and hello!

Yet another edition of an official international swap :)
I have written one from France in the previous post HERE if you want to check it out :D

So for this one, I have swapped with the lovely Nina from Austria :) Two Euro countries in one go haha~ Please do not do what I did :v I wasn't expecting anymore surprises after Lucie's as I did not know when Nina had sent it out. BTW in case you want to know what I sent to her, you can check out this link HERE.

As usual I received it at work, with everybody checking out my things >.<

The first thing I got happy about was the chocolates! XD Malaysia don't usually have different types of chocolates so hello acne LOL. Well its worth it :p 

But to my horror, there were 5 melted chocolates once I start taking them out D:

It definitely smelled like chocolate in there hahaha. 

Snacckkkkssss. I gave out one Haribo and Pixi to my colleague, Milka Crunchy Corn is already opened and then given to our cleaner's granddaughter coz she super loves them :D and to date, Caramel Mandel got nommed and Brezel Time is the last one yet to be opened :B

Anatomicals Shine Free Moisturiser, Pai Rosehip BioRegenerate Oil and E.L.F Cosmetics Villains Look Book of Maleficent!! FYI, you can't get this palette in the website if I am not mistaken so I was surprised! I think she mentioned it somewhere in our chat but the information got lost hahaha. I will do a sneak peek for it in a separate post ;) And my first Anatomicals <3

Sephora Body Wash in Blueberry, Green Tea and Lagoon; Hugo & Debra Naturals Handcrafted Soap in Orange, Anatomicals Facial Spritz and Matrix BioLace Shampoo & Conditioner >.< Hihi. That spray feels good, let me tell you that :D I have not tried the rest yet :)

Inglot False Lashies and Cream Concealer, Catrice Loose Moisturising Highlighter and Cream to Powder Blush, No 7 Lipstick in Chocolate (it's in the blue box), ArtDeco Eyeshadow Base, Glossy Box lipstick and Annemarie Borlind black kajal eye pencil. Welp the blusher doesn't suit me I guess sadly >.< due to my oily cheeks it kind of fades off after 2-3 hours haha D: not to mention my pores got obvious too O.O

Do you believe me if I got excited with the Smashbox samples for the Foundation Primer and BB Cream? I have heard of many positive reviews on them and I finally get to try them first! Who knows I might end up getting them in full-sizes? Teehee. And also not forgetting Oceane Femme Makeup Remover and my first Soap & Glory 3-in-1 Wash-Off Deep Purifying Cleanser!!

Samplessss. Loccitane, Clinique to name a few :) Have yet to test some out. Hehe.

Kongy Konjac Sponge; I actually use this for now. It is a rather good alternative to the Olay thingy if you could not afford it yet :)

Overall, I am rather happy with this swap :D Felt that I well-deserved something like this, judging from what I sent I think V_V I will improve more of my purchase in the future!

P/S: Don't forget about my first giveaway HERE!

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