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10:26 AM

Salam and hello!

No one these days are without mobile phones (no there's not just smartphones ya know? :p). That said, it includes me too! I am one of the uber anti-socials these days haha. Well I am one even before smartphones are around :x So I definitely could not go around a day without my trusty phone~ :D

Now, I have been looking around at IPmart here, looking at the smartphone deals. One thing I noticed is that most of the time you buy smartphones at stores they don't provide you with an antivirus. You usually have to buy or install it yourself. But at IPmart you can have a one pre-installed on your smartphone.

Ok, so I have been asked, if I do not own an IPhone right now, what brand of smartphone would I use? Before Apple, I was a fan of Sony (and still am!) so if you ask me why? Because of this:

Sony Xperia Z1 in Purple! 

If it's available in pink I might get it instead lol. I think my brother did have this phone but not so sure because he always changes his phone I have lost track of it -_-

Anyhow, back to the story. So Sony is always pushing the boundaries with their smartphone camera megapixels. I thought it was at the limit when it got out with one of 16 MP. Apparently they proved me wrong, with this baby! I am a selfie junkie, and on my way to be a good beauty blogger so I will definitely need photos with good quality for my blog. But I hate to bring around bulky cameras, or cameras the least. Hehe. How much megapixel am I talking about for this Z1?


It could compete with some DSLRs in terms of quality photo. Crazy isn't it?? Here's a peek of a quick summary of this smartphone (I got the info from IPmart btw)

A camera as intelligent as the human eye
  • Sharper. Clearer. Brighter. That’s what Sony’s compact digital cameras give you. And with Xperia Z1, we have created the best camera phone built with the very same components, packaged into a 8.5 mm slim smartphone. It combines a large 1/2.3” 20.7 MP Exmor RS™ for mobile image sensor, Sony’s award-winning G Lens and intelligent BIONZ™ for mobile image processing engine. This unique combination gives you images that are delivered with a superior sharpness, clarity and brightness – always.

More info you can click on the link I provided earlier :) Now I am tempted. Hahaha. Probably once my phone dies one day I will be going back to a Sony for sure <3

And today I would like to share to you guys something :D

Discount code! You only have to purchase a minimum of RM100 for it to be valid :D remember to enter the code in when you checkout! It is valid until 31st March so hurry up! And it's of unlimited usage muhehehe :)

If you are still skeptical of this website, let me show you something.

My past orders :D I know it's not much yet but so far I have no problems buying from them, and I will keep coming back to them to buy. Dontchu worry child! :B

Hurry now, you won't want to miss the offer!

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