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First Experience with Glasses Online MY!

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Salam and hello!

Just to brief a little bit of my history with extra pairs of eyes - glasses and contact lenses; I got my first glasses when I was 14 I think. Well, I was already short-sighted when I was 12 but mum was in denial of my condition :p then when I reached 17, I got my first contact lens. They were rather expensive during that time and I wore most of the time clear contacts only as I wear them to school :3 As for my first coloured contacts, I think I got them when I was 18-19? And my favour turned to the obvious, coloured contacts :D

Now, coloured contacts are on rave these past years and up until now.

There are also a lot of alternative ones. People sell a lot of cheap ones, a good alternative in saving money but they are most possible are of no quality, whereas the high quality ones are sold at stores but they are always rather expensive. I've had my fair share of experience in contact lens I've gotten from these two alternatives. One brings you pain on your eyes, one gives you pain on your wallet haha! Not being a cheapskate, but sometimes the ones you got in store aren't of good value either :(
Well lucky me, I have stumbled across Glasses Online MY! I have heard of this website countless time from my fellow bloggers but I have yet to check them out. Finally after having some sense knocking, I have decided to register with this website :D

In case you are wondering, what does Glasses Online MY offer?

If you're looking for quality and vision care at remarkably low prices, you have come to the right place. As Malaysia's first online glasses store, we offer a wide selection of high quality prescription eyeglasses, frames, contact lenses and branded sunglasses for both men and women. We work closely with brands to provide you with quality frames and lenses, and continue to raise the bar for great customer service and flexible returns all over Malaysia. Currently there are over 3,500 pairs of glasses and over 450 different types of contact lenses to choose from, with brands ranging from Carrera to Ray-Ban and Acuvue to GEO.

This is only a fraction of what their claim. You can check the rest out on their website later! :)

And let me tell you this, registering on the website is also easy! :) Just follow these steps:

1) To get to this page, you can just click on the "Log In" at the top right of the page

2) You will then be directed to another page for new customers registration

3) A welcome page after your registration is successful!

4) Choose your preferred item; so I ran off to check out the GEO lens as you can see on the page and another thing is that you could actually subscribe to the same one when the expiry date draws near! I lovvvveee this option. I might actually subscribe hehe! BTW I am a fan of big circle grey lens :p I don't wear anything lower than 14.2mm diameter either these days hahah! Then again, if you don't wish to check out the GEO lens you could also check out the regular Contact Lens, Glasses, or if you are looking the renowned Ray Ban or Oakley Sunglasses. And if you already know what type of sunglasses you want, you can check out these sections Wayfarer or Aviator (personally I love both types! :D)

5) Check out your cart, you can choose 3 types of payments (2 of it are almost identical anyways haha). And get this, FREE SHIPPING NATIONWIDE! I always love these kinds of free shipping option, it's unfair for our West counterpart to always get the free shipping glory hahaha :p

6) After payment is done, you will be directed back to the website along with your order number :D Glasses Online MY claims the items you ordered will be received in 7-9 days so please wait patiently!

Finally, my lens has arrivedddd. It only took like 6 days. Still in the estimated time frame. They used ABX btw :)

Little black box!

I gotten myself a pair of soft lens of GEO Super Size Angel in Gray :D Retails at only RM 30.00!! It's also a monthly wear, money saving FTW!

I love wearing gray contact lens hahaha. It's different and it makes my eye makeup rather different :3 The diameter is 14.8mm, I don't wear anything smaller than that as I mentioned earlier :x

Here's how it looks when I wear them, I don't need to put eye makeup on, it's already a stand out by its own; imagine if there is an eye makeup applied. Hahaha. Love them! They are really comfy :D so far no eye rubbing lol. And yes, my round eyes became big round eyes :B

If you were to ask me whether I would go back and purchase from Glasses Online MY, I would answer definitely! I don't mind the waiting, at least it's properly ensured I get the right one in the end :D

Do check them out! Til then!

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