Pet Talk: Meow~

2:17 PM

Salam and hello!

I have been a fan of animals ever since I was a child. When I was younger my late grandparents used to keep rabbits and pigeons at home, then when those were gone we siblings had gotten ourselves hamsters and guinea pigs, and my late dad also had a small python (just for a while because he gave it away to his friend) and an iguana (Jinggo!) and some kissing birds (yeah the name :p). But exotic days are over as we finally started to opt for catttssss. My first ever cat I had ever owned was when I was in Standard 5 and continued on up until now. Imagine having a 3rd generation cat in my house! Lol.

And last year, for my birthday, mum decided to get me another one (I kept bugging her with photos of cute kitties :p).

It's a girl!

Hello Munchkin!

She is an Exotic Shorthair breed, quite naughty but cowardice when meeting new people; probably followed how I am in person haha. She is very very pampered, wherever I went in the house she would always follow me. She'd wait for me to finish showering, or wait by the door when I went to the kitchen and she'd always sleep next to me or near me when I watch TV or studying. Hahaha.

She is not even a year yet, her born day is in June ;) And don't ask me for baby kitties, mum won't allow any mating yet hahaha. Don't need to rush it >.<

What about you? Do you own or used to own any pets? Do leave a comment :D

Til then blurbers! 

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