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Salam and hello!

Now I have been tagged by the lovely Nabila from Beaut and the Beast to do this Drugstore Diva tag :D FYI, in this tag I will be talking about my favourite drugstore products! Just so you know I do not own a lot of drugstore stuffs so it won't look very awesome x:

So here goes~


Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation in Vanilla 52

My current go to foundation~ such a perfect shade for me >.< and I love the smell as well! I do not actually own a lot of foundations as I prefer using BB creams as an express method for work every morning. Hahaha. But these days I start to slowly incorporate foundations back again as my skin looks better these days. After reading heck a lot of reviews and swatches and raves about this particular foundation, I finally got it from for only £7.99 (approximately RM40++) during the Student Sale :P I am loving it, I don't need to layer a lot and it covers almost 70% of my scars - not bad at all. 


Maybelline Touche Magique and Essence Stay Natural Concealer

I realise I pulled these two out often. It might be in the wrong shade (as it blends with my natural skintone instead of brightening) but I love the consistency of it. I have been using the Maybelline concealer since the past few years already, one of my HG concealers hahaha.


Maybelline Hyper Sharp Liner 

(its that black one at the bottom) My HG eyeliner. Lol. I have been using this one since few years back as well; I started with makeup by mastering eyeliners first I suppose. Its easy for my hands to handle this eyeliner~ 


Essence Mattifying Compact Powder

I use this usually to set my makeup after I am done, the staying power is not so bad. It got through most of my mornings ahaha. At least it did not make my face seemed obvious of wearing makeup as one of my previous pressed powder did to me :x (even if I put it on lightly!)


Well guess what, I do not own one! I do not feel the need to sculpt my face apparently for now, plus the fact I have not mastered the skill of sculpting yet. Maybe one day I'll purchase one :D


Silky Girl Blush

Oooohh. This was a tough question indeed! Sorry it looks kind of dirty >.< Most of my blushers weren't of drugstore products but I guess I shall be going with this :x If you see the colour here its rather brown-orangey so I always apply this very lightly on my cheeks as it could look obvious if over-applied. Don't ask me why I got this colour, this was one of my adventurous urge to try. Bahaha!


Yes people. I do not have a favourite, yet. I do own some highlighters currently but I have not tested them out yet as I don't have time to properly sit down and experiment >.<


Can I say I do not own eyeshadows from drugstores? >.<" I mentioned under the eyeliner category I started out with eyeliners first. So when I actually purchase my first eyeshadows they weren't of drugstores? :x


Maybelline The Rocket Volume Express

I bought this one after multiple reviews from fellow Malaysian bloggers. Lol. They claimed they loved it, so why not give it a try. Hahaha. I did not like it at first, but now so far so good :3 


NYX Eyebrow Cake Powder

My first eyebrow kit. I got curious with playing on the brows last year hahaha. This is perfect enough for a newbie like me; two shades of shadow, wax, an angled brush and spoolie is included :D 

Lipstick/Lip Gloss

In2It Lipstick and NYC Liquid Lipshine

Mum influenced me in getting this lipstick actually, as the colour payoff is quite well and lovely on her. So I decided to get one myself hahaha xD and as for the lipgloss, I've gotten it from my Secret Santa last year :) it has a tinge of colour in it, perfect when I am rather lazy to wear anything on my lips hehe. 

And that concludes my drugstore faves! Not so fun things I have yes? 

As for tagging, I am actually tagging: 

Audrey from A Walk With Aud
Princess from Princess Neverland 
Izzah from Love 4 Beauti

and anyone else who is reading this! 

Til then blurbers :D

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