Tuesday Tops: Top 3 of Items I will Never Repurchase Again!

3:00 PM

Salam and hello!

Another edition of my Tuesday Tops :D

I bet a lot of you understand what I am going to write today; most of you might have bought items that people mentioned are good, great reviews and you end up buying them, excited to use them as soon as you can.

Then you open them up and start using.

Oh boy, how disappointed you've gotten. What might be good for them ends up not going great for you! So today I will be talking about the top 3 current items I will never repurchase again!

Item #1
Essence Clear Gel Mascara for Lash and Brows

I am looking for products to lock in my brows from straying all over so I came across this, as I read clear gel mascaras such as this are always popular to hold brows from straying. So I went forth and bought this. When I tried it on? Yeah it might harden my brows abit, but just a TINY ITSY bit; close to what I'd say "It did nothing at all.!" Even on the lashes, I feel nothing. Does nothing! Well at least it's quite cheap :/

Item #2
Neula 8 in 1Tea Tree BB Cream; Image source

I bought this not long after I've read a review from Sabrina here. Since my skin is getting better, so why not I opt for some light type of bb cream? I regretted after. Lol. It's too light to not obvious at all on my skin. Again, it merely does anything. Hey, even the pores got obvious. So I am definitely saying goodbye to this :v

Item #3
Shaire London Hair Perfume Dry Shampoo

Ladies, if you have oily scalp steer clear of this! It makes your scalp much more oilierrrr. The smell is good but the comfort level is out the window.! Oh, and not to mention itches your head as well (as it is already oily). I even read up some lovely ladies too had the same problem as I did; I did not expect to get this item because I subscribed to a beauty box previously, you could read it up HERE.

And that is all I have for now. I might have more of these types of things, will probably dig them up and then add on to this list.

What about you? Have you encountered anything as this? 

Share with me!

Disclaimer: These are 100% purchased by my own and in no way sponsored and definitely 100% honest opinion.

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