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Tuesday Tops: Top 5 of Wishlist for Foundation

8:25 AM

Salam and hello!

So I guess I will start the first post under the Tuesday Tops category by talking about the top 5 foundation in my wishlist! BTW it will be in no particular order :)

Just in case you are wondering, I have a skin condition of combination/oily, so I will be leaning a bit more on ones that compliments my situation most.

Here goes!

 Vichy Teint Ideal Fluid Foundation

I actually got a sample of this from my swap with Lucie HERE. It was in shade 15, the lightest in the range. If it's shade 25 it will probably be too dark for me haha. I managed to use it up only twice; my first application I got so so excited I ended up over-using it haha! I actually do not need to put so much of it! A little goes a long way :D Covered up most of my flaws, except those really hard-to-cover scars but I didn't grab my concealer anyways because it's just so....flawless. Hehe. And it holds up more than 8 hours (I used it at work), other than the fact my T-zone got oily but my makeup is still intact. Hohoho. It retails at approximately £20++ or so, I will provide a proper link once I managed to find one :)

Revlon ColorStay Foundation for Combination / Oily Skin

I know I know. This is one of the easiest foundation I could have grabbed in stores but I haven't. Heard quite some number of good reviews, especially as it is for combination / oily skin. I will try to get a sample of it first before I plan to buy them in full-size (tip: use this trick I got from Alyssa here). Price? It's approximately around RM50++ here in Watsons, of course under sales price XD

Kat Von D Lock-It Longwear Foundation. 

I don't need to say a lot on this. It's like the top current Holy Grail of beauties around the globe! The only thing that worries me as it might not have my shade. Hahaha. Probably gonna use the Medium 52 or 54 shade. Hmmm. Problematic. Haha. It's price on Sephora US is around $34.

MUFE HD Foundation

Now how can I not include this? I have been intrigued with this brand ever since I first knew of it few years back (I remember doing researches on brands before I start makeup) It is also one of the most raved foundations, and I might be able to get my hands on it soon. Hihi. But shade wise, I might be having problems lol. As I won't be able to test them I am stuck with either 3 - Ivory, Marble and Flesh. Usually when I shop for my foundation I always go for Ivory, but it seems that MUFE's Ivory is of pink undertone (which I'm not). Then again I am scared the latter two will make my face darker! Gosh the dilemma >.> The price would be around RM172 (I don't know, I don't have the store here)

MAC Pro Long Wear SPF 10 Foundation

Lately I had become interested with MAC Cosmetics, and thus this foundation has made it in my list. It retails at RM138. Claims to be able to stay intact for 15 hours in any kind of environment and controls oil as well. I look forward to have this as well :3 

So this concludes my top 5 foundation in my wishlist. There are more but I am not too familiar with them yet, I'd love for you guys to share with me too! 

Til then blurbers :D 

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