When More Established Bloggers Ignores You.

3:20 PM

Salam and hello!

This would probably be a very short blog post (I hope)!

Well, as I mentioned in the title today, when established bloggers ignores you, what I meant isn't those really popular ones who has hundreds of comments on their posts everytime, but the ones whom you feel are better grounded blogger than you are - those who have more followers than you do, better-looking blogs than you have but you can count the comments they get on their blog.

Here's the catch thou, everytime you comment on that particular blogger's posts, yes I mean posts, she always ignores you. She chooses whom she replies to - as I mentioned there are only very few comments and you could even count how many. She chooses those she knew and decides to ignore ones she doesn't. 

Do comments not make you happy? I would. Even if there is just one, it is already enough to make me happy. Means that someone cares enough to read my post :( 

Due to events like this, sometimes I prefer to just become silent readers. Because I get ignored. Haha. Yeah I know, some of us get that a lot too. But what bugs me is that the blogger seems to be friendly (and also claims to be!) and yet chooses who she replies to; in the end most of my questions on her blog were left unanswered. There's a hole knowing that I won't get any answers lol. 

Sometimes I just want to unfollow the bloggers because of this matter but nahh. 

Well, hopefully one day she will realise. Even the well known bloggers take time to reply if they could, and even if they couldn't its very understandable~ 

Imagine the gut I have to muster just to comment! Ugh. Just me being selfish :v sorry its not exactly beauty related. 

Til then blurbers~ 

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