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Chapter 10 TBP: Yello Mr Lens!

9:30 AM

Salam and hello!

Before I begin anything, I would like to say a big thank you to The Butterfly Project for letting my have the opportunity to participate in the their collaboration with Mr Lens!

A brief intro on Mr Lens, it is a Swiss base company that sells and ship major brands of contact lenses all over the world - providing many choices of colour contact lenses conveniently, effectively and with free delivery within Klang Valley (you lucky fellas!).

Now, on forward to the loot!

How thoughtful they were to give candy while looking at the eye-candy ;'D
Touché xD

So I've gotten myself these two colours:

Will be talking on the one at the right first :)

Product Name: Colour VUE Contact Lens
Code: 3 Tones in Green
Power: -2.50
Diameter: 14.2mm (if not mistaken)
Price: RM 90.00

I was supposed to get Violet but it was out of stock Q.Q Well still ok I suppose haha. It is one of my go-to colour anyways. What I can say about this lens is that it is almost natural looking - the green kind of blends in with my natural eye colour and it's not a circle lens, making it looking much more natural. It's not a circle lens definitely, something that I have not wore for years already. This is how it looks when I wear it:

Ignore the rest lol *blush* 

Well I felt kind of weird thou because I was always used to big circle lenses all these while hahaha.

And as for the left in the above photo is another one that I've gotten;

Product Name: Colour VUE Contact Lens
Code: Glamour Honey
Power: -2.75
Diameter: 15 mm
Price: RM90.00

Would you believe me if I tell you I never bought a shade close to this or any other types of brown? I felt that it is close to my own natural eye colour which made me not choosing this colour; and it seems this round of purchase I kept getting contact lenses that weren't in my comfort zone 8D Sorry my dearies, I have not opened this up yet but I will update once I wear it! (I have too many contact lenses open and the last thing I want is wasting them) In case you are wondering, here's a screenshot of the contact lens:

And lookie there! You can instantly refill your previous order with Mr Lens if you love them!

Price-wise it is kind of pricey but I assure you the quality aligns with the price, so need not to worry! :) This is what we put in our eyes anyways right? So we need to ensure that our eyes are going to be fine and healthy no matter what :D 

And that, my lovelies, concludes my post for the day! 

Til then ❤️

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