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[REVIEW] Fairy Blossom

7:49 AM

Salam and hello!

Here I thought it will be the last of my journey with Fairy Beauty, as I had reviewed consuming Fairy Whitez before this :)

Boy, was I wrong :D

Gotten an email from Chi Wei of HiShop of which she mentioned Fairy Beauty has again decided to sponsor a 2nd round of 1 month's supply of Fairy Blossom to those who reviewed Fairy Whitez before and vice versa! Not only that, there were also additional items as well!

I will reveal and review them one by one ;)

Imagine I went to the office straight after exam just to take my parcel haha XD I was on leave at that point lol. Ureshii~ :D

Introducing Fairy Blossom!

What's different this time is the function and definitely taste.

The Benefits: 
• Heighten the senses and elevates mood
• Balances hormone and replenishes vitamin & mineral for our body
• Enhances energy
• Firming and uplifting of sagging breasts
• Strengthen muscle and bone
• Relieves menstruation pain

The direction of use is just the same as Fairy Whitez :) in case you are wondering, the formula is simply as follows: 

Shake > Remove Cap > Plug > Insert Straw

Ok, first, lemme talk about the taste. It is definitely more thicker than Fairy Whitez first of all. Secondly, there is something about the taste for real - Its probably all those berries and apple added together so it tasted almost like cough syrup, and I dislike it D: it smells like apple thou, which is nice. Haha. 

My verdict! 

These little babies pack a punch when it comes to relieving menstrual pain! I sometimes experience menstrual pain, especially on the first day. Imagine I had to sit down and could not walk for like 3 minutes because that pain felt like it killed your ovary or something. Lol. No joke! After consuming this, I am happy to say I did not experience the pain at all :) 

Overall rating

And good news to you lovelies! Right now at Hishop, if you buy 2 boxes of either Fairy Whitez or Fairy Blossom, you will get 20% off! One box is already retailer at RM89, imagine that :D 

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Til then blurbers :)

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