[REVIEW] KATE Powderless Liquid for COVER

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Salam and hello!

I am always on the look out for a perfect foundation for my skin as these days I do not use BB cream as much back then; I find that some foundation has even better coverage than BB cream lately haha. Plus I like a little less coverage these days!~ Trying to take care of my skin beforehand~

Anyhow back to the story. I've gotten this product last year actually in sample form from KATE Malaysia, they sent it to me via mail as a birthday gift :D It wasn't until this year that only now I purchased a full-sized kit of this lovely product as I have to finish up my old stuffs first <3


Kate Beauty Kit that includes the Powderless Liquid For COVER Foundation and Brightening Make Up Base

I got this which is around RM51.80 I think.  And my shade here is OC-C, its the second lightest shade of the bunch :) as for the brightening base it is only available in light beige~

So they claim if you use this you won't even need a face powder after.! What's their secret?

Time for some real life testing!

 Before (left), After (right)

Excuse my face :v I don't have the dream skin yet *sigh* Mind you this is not edited, to show how well it goes onto my skin (the lighting is crazy lol). Swatches on hand won't show up how good the coverage etc. As you can see there I have blemishes and all haha. Flawlesssss.

For the PL coverage, it's more of a medium to heavy type. My fav actually, as I want to cover my blemishes. I do not really need concealer on this actually; if I want full coverage on the scar I'd apply twice on the spot instead of only once normally, as you can see of my photo above it's covered quite well. And you do not need to pump a lot of the product to cover up your entire face - a little goes a long way~

As for lasting power, it faded only slightly even after working hour so I commend the holding power :D The only note I'd tell you that if you have dry skin it will cling and therefore patches will be obvious~ so make sure you exfoliate and moisturise well before using this! And oh yeah, only slightly oily on the T-zone and cheeks, just use the oil control sheet and don't worry, the foundation won't budge as much :) (I have a combination skin mind you)

The Brightening Base does live up to its name - brightening. But nothing more, for me. It helped in brightening my rather dull complexion hehe~

Overall Rate

Yeap, despite the dry patch clingyness, slightly oily t-zone I still gave a full mark. Why? Personal preference duh. Haha.

And that's a wrap! Initially I wanted to do a Versus post of this foundation and another. Maybe one day? :D

Before I end this post I would like to wish my fellow Borneans:

Selamat Hari Gawai Gayu Guru Gerai Nyamai 


Selamat Hari Kaamatan! 

Til then blurbers!

*Disclaimer: This product is bought with my own money and it is a 100% honest review.

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