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Tuesday Tips: 5 Tips to Help You Choose the Right Skin Care Product!

11:30 AM

Salam and hello!

So this Tuesday edition will not be on Top of the List, but instead Tips of the Week :D I will be having two categories for Tuesday. Why not Thursdays? I keep them open for tags and other types of 'T' out there :)

Moving on!

Skin care is a big deal, especially as we get older and the effects of aging start to take hold. The elasticity drops from our skin, we are more susceptible to the sun and dryness, wrinkles and laugh lines start to appear—but it's not only cosmetic. Caring for your skin can help prevent one of the most common—and preventable—forms of cancer: melanoma.

And because every person's skin is different—be it through age, tone, dry vs. oily, etc—it's important that you get the best skin care product specifically for your skin. To help you get started, here are five (5) tips that will help you pick out the right skin care product without having to waste a lot of money trying products that don't work!


Every person have their own kind of skin condition. This person may have a combination type of condition, that person might have a dry skin condition and so forth. So it is important to know yours. Say, if you have DRY skin normally it would be flaky, OILY skin will be indicated by a greasy shine and COMBINATION - you get the point, both conditions of dry and oily :)

So choose a skin care that suits these conditions - for DRY skin, the products would have extra moisturisers. For OILY skin, it will help keeping the pores clear and unclogged while working to close up the extra oil secreting gland. As for COMBINATION, it is a rather different as it would need a unique type of skin care that would not only prevent secretion of extra oil but also prevent it from drying out as well.

What if it is also the SENSITIVE type? :) that is another story, I will be updating on this section when I have enough sources :D

2. Choose by AGING FACTOR

Wrinkles! Yes people, as we age wrinkles will start to appear. This also concerns me haha. I am still in the midst of clearing my scars, and now I have to worry about wrinkles soon ^^;

You will have to look for skin care products aiming specifically for this condition. Nowadays companies associate aging products with collagen - this could help boosting the elastin (also elasticity) of your skin to bring back that youthfulness to your skin :D it could also help in combating fine lines and wrinkles from appearing.

Tip: To lighten dark spots or that if you find yourselves using foundations to cover up blemishes and even out skin tone, look for products containing chamomile tea. It helps :D

3. Choose by SKIN TONE

This is not that far off from the tip I've given above actually :D

You should look for skin care products that addresses this issue with some type of smoothing factor (be it lightening or darkening). Some products might work better for lighter while some for darker skin so be wary in choosing - take into account your overall skin tone and complexion when doing so. Most of the time the products of this nature would directly denote on their package of their intended use; if you did not see it it's actually safe to assume that it is an "all purpose" skin care and would not address any issues you specifically had related to or developed from your skin - nothing much is done to your skin.

4.  Choose By PRICE

Ladies. Be very wary of this! Yes, it is very tempting for sure to splurge on skin care (which is good really), but keep in mind you get what you pay for in this world. As I said in my introduction, one's skin condition may change as we age - products you used during teen years may not work when you are older. Go for the mid-range priced skin care products that you are sure of the active ingredients in them :) There is no harm in getting the more pricier ones, do keep in mind they aren't priced that way for nothing - brand name, quality, higher cost etc are to be taken into account

5. Online REVIEWS

Thank goodness for the internet! If not we would have known and discovered new products everyday :D Do a lot of research on products you are looking for, read up what the majority of people say about them, look for reviewers that have the same skin care concern as you do to ensure you are getting the right skin care product for your skin. Its provides and excellent insight into the product you are going to purchase in the future without actually purchasing it firsthand :) This is also a self-note for me, as I usually jump into the bandwagon without a lot of research  *cough*. Well depending on the circumstances :)

And that is all for my Tuesday Tips of the week! :) I hope these will help in your quest for the right skin care product :D

Til next time blurbers <3

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